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We believe in a high-quality, quick approach to fast delivery. We follow your distribution process and offer a guarantee that we will complete workflows on time once we know your business ideas and goals.


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About Highway express INC

Highway Express Inc is a global logistics service provider, maintaining an excellent reputation with our clients in and across countries. We founded the company based on the unsatisfactory freight shipping experience of the locals. For this reason, we strive to offer the best shipping user experience.

We are dedicated to the timely arrival of cargo and offering a transparency policy which allows you to stay connected with your shipment from pickup to delivery; all which display our genuine interest in your business. By staying consistent with our value of service, we create value for you.

Truck Types

Sprinter Vans
Sprinter Vans
The Sprinter Van is more spacious than a cargo van and can carry up to 3,500 pounds.
Cargo Vans
Cargo Vans
The cargo van is the ideal vehicle for small loads up to 2000 pounds.
Box Trucks
Box Trucks
A box truck is a small capacity truck that can carry up to 4,000 pounds.
Straight Trucks
Straight Trucks
Straight trucks are equipped with lifting gates, which greatly simplify the process of loading and unloading. It can carry up to 12,500 pounds.
Car Hauler Trucks
Car Hauler Trucks
Car hauler trucks are commonly used for both open and enclosed shipping of vehicles, providing flexibility and protection for a variety of transportation needs.
Hot Shot Trucks
Hot Shot Trucks
Hot-shot trucking is a highly versatile transportation service capable of hauling a wide range of loads, including time-sensitive freight, oversize loads, and urgent shipments.


Yes, we know that various logistics and expedited carrier services are available. Our distinct personalities will compel you to choose us again and again. You’ll end up recommending us to all of your friends. Our service isn’t only about us; we look into all possible strategies so that your company’s objectives become our priority. In the hearts of our customers and their customers, we have left unforgettable moments.

We value pleasant moments because we don’t underestimate the power of a satisfied customer.

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